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Attributions, Karma and better discoverability for wiki/tag features

Oh, I see. That seems like a confusing way to do it. I'd have it show the text that was there when the page was created (Or just empty, if no text was added).

Attributions, Karma and better discoverability for wiki/tag features

Well, I went through the last 2 months of wiki activity and did some voting. I really like this feature, and the feature showing you what each person did on the page is brilliant, makes me want to be able to upvote them right there.

A bit of design feedback: I think I would put the voting "widget" at the start of the line, so it's always in the same place. Currently it's places changes significantly based on the person's name, how much and when they edited. And if they left an explanation of their edit then it's in the middle between the two and you need to look for it.

Attributions, Karma and better discoverability for wiki/tag features

It seems the creation of a page isn't something that can be Karma voted on. perhaps it should? Especially if someone creates the page already with a description.

See the Pomodoro Technique page for example, it was created by Multicore 2 days ago, already with a long description, but I can't upvote it.

btw, seems there's a bug where it says the time of the edit. it says "New tag created by Multicore at" as if it's going to say a date, but then says "2d" as if it were to say "New tag created by Multicore 2d ago"

Attributions, Karma and better discoverability for wiki/tag features

Awesome additions! Now that we have karma voting for the wiki, I want even more to be able to see all the wiki activity of a certain user on a page, so I can go through some of the people that did a lot of work on the wiki and give them all the upvotes they should have gotten while this feature wasn't on.

There’s no such thing as a tree (phylogenetically)

Contra, I found it really funny and it made me want to read the post more. Also the end bit with missing the forest for the trees was hilarious :)

The Schelling Game (a.k.a. the Coordination Game)

Heh, I also know a road trip game called contact which, though similar in style, is quite different.

  • One player picks a word, and tells the other players the first letter of that word.
  • The other players need to say together words that start with the letters they have been given. They can use clues, and when one of the players thinks they have they're both thinking of the same word he'll say "1, 2, 3 contact" and then the two players will say it together. 
  • If any player says a word alone (including the player who picked the first word) that word is burned and cannot be used again in the round, if two players say a word together that starts with the letters they've been given, the first player reveals the next letter of the word they picked. 
  • The round continues until that word is guessed, and then another round starts.
Rationality Cardinality

If you're using search to figure out if someone made "cards against humanity" for rationality, this post is what you're looking for (just helping your SEO :P)

bfinn's Shortform

I see this most often with toothbrushes, "Removes up to 100% of plaque!".

Let's Rename Ourselves The "Metacognitive Movement"

Just for context, I personally never used any of the softenings (I didn't even hear about rationalish till this post). They're both cute but ultimately meh in my opinion.

Aspiring rationalists is pretty much redundant, since a rationalist isn't someone who claims to be rational, but indeed someome who aspires to be. So unless you aspire to aspire, there's no point to the term.

I like Rationalish as a pun, but I think it solves the same nonexistent problem.

wfenza's Shortform

Are you talking about this? If so, why didn't you just edit it?

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