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What is the next level of rationality?


Looking for blog platform/framework recommendations

I had a Wordpress blog, but I don't like wordpress and I want to move away from it. 

Substack doesn't seem like a good option because I want high customizability and multilingual support (my Blog is going to be in English and Hebrew).

I would like something that I can use for free with my own domain (so not Wix).

The closest thing I found to what I'm looking for was MkDocs Material, but it's still geared too much towards documentation, and I don't like its blog functionality enough.

Other requirements: Dark/Light mode, RSS, Newsletter support.

Does anyone have another suggestion? It's fine if it requires a bit of technical skill (though better if it doesn't).

The article you cited has a paywall, so I cannot read it for myself, but Reddit says it's bad, and I'm highly skeptical myself. Wikipedia also doesn't mention any critique that comes anywhere close to what you describe, not even on the talk page. I also tried to search for such criticism somewhere else, and didn't find anything. So I'm confidant that this is wrong, and that the way I described Leopold is largely correct.

Domain: Singing (especially theatre/musicals, but not just)

Link: Excerpt, full interview

Person: Philip Quast

Background: He played Javert in the 10th anniversary rendition of Les Mis.

Why: Philip Quast's has probably done the best performance of Javert, and in the interview he goes through the process of how he figures out how to sing his songs. 

For those who, like me, didn't know the reference

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I suggested something similar a few months back as a requirement for casting strong votes.

I'd be interested in tacit knowledge videos about writing, if anyone knows any.

Huh. That's not a possibility I considered. I'm still betting it is AI generated but you changed my odds.

Yes, it doesn't say so explicitly, but it's very clear from the post that it is.

Is it possible to download all songs at once?

Yep.. That's what I expected the first one to be.

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