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something being bad does not mean Doing More will help the situation

Unless Someone Doing More Did Help. Take a look at China.

Too many COVID patients need ventilation device.

Aggressive ventilation is unreachable, not useless or harmful

How does quarantine and treatment work for hamsters?

What happened with those minks in Denmark?

Omicron is Delta's "nephew"

Delta and Omicron are not in same sequence. Serotyping separating is happening. All the pains and deaths may not worth it.

70,000 is a large number, and hard to hide.

Chinese may enjoy the movie, if they can reach it.

More public-health measures should be taken, since boosters modified for Omicron may not.

According to the data of SA, Omicron is either importantly immune erosive, or R0>=30. I hope it's immune erosive.

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