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Psy and John, I think the idea is this: if you want to buy a hundred shares of OB at ten dollars each, because you think it's going to go way up, you have to buy them <I>from</i> someone else who's willing to sell at that price. But clearly that person does <i>not</i> likewise think that the price o...(read more)

<i>"To care about the public image of any virtue [...] is to limit your performance of that virtue to what all others already understand of it. Therefore those who would walk the Way of any virtue must first relinquish all desire to appear virtuous before others, for this will limit and constrain th...(read more)

"I assume that underlying this is that you love your own minds and despise your own bodies, or are at best indifferent to them."

Well, duh.

Tom: "Hmmm.. Maybe we should put together a play version of 3WC [...]"

That reminds me! Did anyone ever get a copy of the script to Yudkowski Returns? We could put on a benefit performance for SIAI!


Nick: <i>"Where was it suggested otherwise?"</i>

Oh, no one's explicitly proposed a "wipe culturally-defined values" step; I'm just saying that we shouldn't assume that extrapolated human values converge. <i>Cf</i>. <a href=" more)

Nick Hay: <i>"[N]either group is changing human values as it is referred to here: everyone is still human, no one is suggesting neurosurgery to change how brains compute value."</i>

Once again I fail to see how culturally-derived values can be brushed away as irrelevant under CEV. When you convince...(read more)

<p>I don't think I see how moral-philosophy fiction is problematic <i>at all</i>. When you have a beautiful moral sentiment that you need to offer to the world, of <i>course</i> you bind it up in a glorious work of high art, and let the work stand as your offering. That makes <i>sense</i>. When you ...(read more)