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Escaping Your Past

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Sunk Cost Fallacy

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It's the Same Five Dollars!

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> which has some as-of-yet unspecified implication for the merit of his position

See [Furcas's comment](

> that allows him to see his life as no different from any others and yet still act in preference to himself

I never said it was *no* d...(read more)

Right, so of course I'm rather selfish in the sense of valuing things-like-myself, and so of course I buy more things for myself than I do for random strangers, and so forth. But I also know that I'm not ontologically fundamental; I'm just a conjunction of traits that can be shared by other observer...(read more)

I would say that the ordinarily very useful abstraction of subjective probability breaks down in situations that involve copying and remerging people, and that our intuitive morality breaks down when it has to deal with measure of experience. In the current technological regime, this isn't a problem...(read more)

But all the resulting observers who see the coin come up tails aren't you. You just specified that they weren't. Who cares what they think?

I don't throw myself off cliffs for very roughly the same reason I don't throw other people off cliffs.

Following [Nominull]( and [Furcas](, I bite the third bullet without qualms for the perfectly ordinary obvious reasons. Once we know how much of what kinds of experiences will occur at dif...(read more)

> I count 6+ comments from others on meta-talk, 8+ down-mods, and 0 \[[sic](\] explanations for the errors in my solution. Nice work, guys.

If it is in fact the case that your complaints are legitimately judged a negative contribution, then y...(read more)