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death-is-bad-ism going a little bit more mainstream?

Agree with the absurdity bias. For most (even smart) people their exposure to cryonics is things like Woody Allen's Sleeper and Futurama. I almost can't blame them for only seeing the absurd... I'm still trying to come around to it myself.

Bayesian Methods Reading List

Not completely defined at the moment since I'm a 1st year PhD student at NYU, and currently doing rotations. It'll be something like comparative genomics/regulatory networks to study evolution of bacteria or perhaps communities of bacteria.

Trip from Ottawa, Canada to NYC on weekend of April 2

You'll get more response from the NY group (we don't all check LW and discussion board regularly) by making a post to the google group/listserve:

Bayesian Methods Reading List

Thanks... this should come in handy in my computational research in systems biology

Folk theories can be useful even when they're entirely wrong

A broken clock is right twice per day. If value theory is incidentally correct, it doesn't make folk theories valuable on the margins - unless of course, if people who hold folk theories do consistently better than rationalists, but then I'd question the rationalist label.

Rationality Boot Camp

I wish I could take that much time to do this

Rationality Outreach: A Parable

Is that because if you treat probabilities of (God or not God) as maximum entropy without prior information you'd get 50/50?

Rationality Outreach: A Parable

Good on them! In my experience, whenever I sneak bayesian updating into the conversation, it's well received by skeptics. When I try to introduce Bayes more formally or start supporting anti-mainstream ideas, such as cryonics, AI, etc, there's much more resistance.

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