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I expect that this 'bias' probably DOES have a real effect on people's thoughts and opinions, admittedly not as strong of one as in the 'evidence' provided by the article. Perhaps not for drugs, because fictional drugs tend to be bad instead of good in my experience and I don't think anybody names real drugs after fictional ones.
However, being named after a character in a popular work of fiction probably could change others' first impressions of you.

Okay, I'm convinced (actually, I was convinced when I first looked into cryonics but I irrationally put off signing up due to the minor inconvenience). However, I don't really know how to best go about signing up, and a google search didn't really clear it up. I am a 17-year-old male living in Canada, could anyone tell me what the best way would be for me to go about signing up for cryonics? It seems that the cryonics sign-up forms are targeted towards people over 20.