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I attempted the AI Box Experiment again! (And won - Twice!)

Think carefully about what this advice is trying to imply.

Using NLP-style nested loops, i.e. performing what is basically a stack overflow on the brain's frame-of-reference counter? Wicked.

Prisoner's Dilemma (with visible source code) Tournament

Except we're not allowed to use anyone else's source code, so the test could just as easily be simplified to "if opponent source contains integer 1415926535, cooperate"(for a randomly chosen 1415926535).

Rationality Habits I Learned at the CFAR Workshop

I am not sure how much evidence there is for Extreme Programming. But if it works, I wonder how much its rules can be translated to areas beyond programming. (Or maybe it already exists. Maybe "two minds work better than one" was already know for millenia, only for IT people it remains a surprising and controversial topic.) Could we somehow abstract the coding details away, and call it Extreme Doing?

It's controverisal, and application to other industries more so, but efforts to target some of the low-hanging fruit are underway.

Woo has been renamed to pitches, noting for posterity. Easy enough to google; then again so is gur onfvyvfx yet everyone treats it as a big secret.

Causal Universes

And this is why we (barely) have checkpointing. If you close you web browser, and launch a saved copy from five minutes ago, is the session a different one?

Causal Universes

This in turn reminds me of a wonderful platformer, Company of Myself

Jews and Nazis: a version of dust specks vs torture

Return a "divide by zero"-type error, or send your Turing machine up in smoke trying.

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