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what could happen to not make it boring?

therefore the matter which will perhaps decay into iron is not proof against the Boltzmann Brains hypothesis

Thanks for the long answer, the only thing I did not understand is the fact of the irrelevance of the iron matter, I thought that maybe if the matter decays with iron tunneling, a boltzmann brain or other things can no longer form

so are you telling me that the current laws of physics don't necessarily support boltzmann's brain hypothesis or any other object formed in this way? And if you have patience, could you also briefly list the unproven assumptions to make Boltzmann's "things" a realistic scenario?

note: from what you know, by chance do you know if all matter will become iron and therefore the hypothesis of boltzmann's brains can be denied? (source from the concept of iron matter: (

okay, but unfortunately we can't help but to talk with our human categories, so do you think it should appear for a moment and then dissolve?

how would it survive even for a second or just form without dying first?

In what sense that I'm not even wrong? and why do boltzmann's brains have a very low probability? anyway i know i have ocd tendencies but it's really hard to live with

I know I'm scared, but so put it in a nutshell, what am I wrong in my arguments?

Thanks for the answer! I have read all the links even if I did not understand much of the first one, of the second I understood that quantum fluctuations do not occur, even if, as I say in the post, I did not understand if the particles in the vacuum can be combined to create macroscopic objects, and what does "via nucleation" mean. Thanks anyway

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