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How well defined is ADHD?

Here is a study that says it predicts criminal recidivism. This study says its predicts substance abuse.

How well defined is ADHD?

You might also get diagnosed with things out of the blue. I have dealt with depression MST of my life and one Dr tried to say I had psychosis. I am pretty sure he was wrong.

Group rationality diary, 10/29/12

So I recently found out I have ADHD inattentive type. I think that is a cause of my current unemployment. I have been trying to say about ways to compensate that are science-based but having a hard time finding good information (I am on a medication now). Any suggestions would help.

I donated a small amount

Group rationality diary, 8/20/12

I have been trying to find ways to compensate for some of the worse problems of my low conscientiousness. I tend to not be thorough when it comes to things I do (for instance checking spelling before posting comments,checking to see if I made a mistake in a project I am working on, making sure I pay attention to detail). I really haven't found anything worth noting so any help would be appreciated. (The seriousness of this is I am close to being fired for it and fear I wont be able to compensate well enough)

(I realize I cant change my conscientiousness score I am trying to compensate for having a severely low one)

I have also started rereading HPMOR so I can get caught up.

I have been thinking a lot about career choices and maybe long term goals lately and I feel like I am lost on both fronts. The goals/dreams I have had in the past are gone (due to me not being conscientious enough see above, being talked out of the other option , having medical problems that prevent me from doing them). So I feel kind of like I am a leaf being blown around by the winds of the situation I am in. Instead of an agent acting in the world (sorry for the rambling)

Ekman Training - Reviews and/or Testing

"Emotions Revealed" has a test in the back and is recommends to read along with doing the training (I am currently reading it)

Organic food, conventional food

i find that heuristic to be silly. Pesticides that are used in conventional farming are heavily regulated unlike ones used in organic foods.

Organic food, conventional food

Most of it is safe from my reading and it saves a ton of people

How to brainstorm effectively

I am terrible at commingled up with ideas for goals I want(meaning I cant think of any goals) How might I use these techniques for that

Group rationality diary, 5/21/12

Do you notice yourself ever wanting to scream at people to be specific? Also, screaming at people on the Tv to be more specifi happens a lot. I wont even mention listening to politicians......

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