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Should I buy roofies from the darknet?

There are really no drugs that work the way you describe. Rohypnol or any other benzo will just knock you out, GHB gets you high, etc.. 

As long as you get the dosage right, there is very little risk in consuming drugs. You can also order testing kits that will verify that the substance you expect is in the mixture you've ordered. However, the economics of online drug marketplaces strongly disincentivize and harshly punish anyone "stomping" on the product, so they tend to be very safe.

It is also safe to order from them. In the best case, your drugs are shipped, the dealer deletes all information that could link you to them, and you're done. In the absolute worst case, the whole market is a honeytrap, but as far as I'm aware this has never happened, even though several LEAs have seized working markets that they could have used for this. In the average worst case, the dealer does not delete your information, but it's extremely unlikely that they could use this for any bargaining, and it's extremely unlikely that you would get any attention from it.

This assumes you're in the US, where you have a constitutional right to be secure against the search and seizure of your packages without a warrant signed by a judge. YMMV if you are in a less free country like the UK or Australia, but you will probably still be fine. Generally, the demand-side of the drug industry is not prosecuted, unless there's some other aggravating factor like getting into a car accident or beating someone up.

Russia has Invaded Ukraine

There are depressingly many Washington think tanks who produce whitepapers on "winnable" nuclear exchanges with Russia and China. It does indeed depend on what you mean by surviving. That doesn't mean it's impossible.

The problem is not what the enemy will do, it's what the enemy can do. 

Russia has Invaded Ukraine

Why? He has nukes. The end. No one is ever invading Russia. It is just impossible. NATO is not going to invade Russia. 

Russia has nukes with aging delivery mechanisms that are outpaced more and more each year.  If NATO missile defense can change the calculus such that retaliation from a first strike seems survivable, MAD is gone and Russia is vulnerable.  If NATO cyber capabilities could Stuxnet the Russian arsenal, MAD is gone and Russia is vulnerable. 

It isn't as simple as "He has nukes, the end." 

Russia has Invaded Ukraine

He has said that he will keep on trying to recreate the Russian empire, which now includes several NATO states.


Where has he said this? How directly? 

Russia has Invaded Ukraine

Well, then it's reasonable to assume that Putin's desired end state is not complete annexation of Ukraine. However, even if Ukraine is an Austria/Finland-type neutral party, outside the Russian bloc but also outside of the American bloc, Putin's security goals are achieved. The minimum criteria for Putin's ideological goals being achieved seems like internal autonomy for Donetsk and Lugansk, the maximum would be the annexation of those areas to Russia in the style of Crimea. So annexation is unnecessary ideologically and strategically, and seems unlikely as a goal. 

Twitter thread on postrationalists

What is the appropriate way to relate to emotions? How could the sequences have avoided disembodiment? The person who originally used that term seems to think that anything like the sequences would be similarly "disembodied," which makes me think that this issue is less about the inappropriate way the sequences relate to emotion, and more about the hubris of attempting to self-improve in ways other than those described in The Tao of Fully Feeling.

Twitter thread on postrationalists

I'm already familiar, at least at that level, with dissociation, derealization, and depersonalization. That said, the claim made in the OP, and in the article Kaj Sota links echoing the same viewpoint, seems to be less that there are emotions dealt with in unhealthy ways within the sequences, and more that there are no emotions at all in the sequences, that rationalism is a project to replace all intuitive/automatic/uncontrolled processing with explicit/intentional/controlled processing.

Personally I think the construct actually being discussed seems more like avoidance than "embodiment" or dissociation. Clinically, dissociation tends to be very severe; when clinicians talk about PTSD survivors feeling "disembodied," they're referring to tactile hallucinations representing a noticeable disruption of one or more senses. I think your post is similarly a much more expansive reading of the clinical definitions, though IANApsychiatrist. 

Russia has Invaded Ukraine

I've been trying to think of this too. It seemed like Putin already had everything he could have wanted with a frozen conflict in Ukraine, preventing it from joining NATO. This is what I've come up with:

  • Ukraine might have still been able to join the EU, which would mean an attack on Ukraine would activate the EU defensive alliance, which would in turn activate NATO. I'm not sure how realistic this was.
  • Ukraine might have been admitted to NATO anyway, with the ongoing conflict. This seems unlikely.
  • Ukraine might have been able to defeat the Russian army in a conventional war over just the DPR/LPR, likely in a blitz that would leave it without the breakaway republics. If Ukraine accepts the loss of Crimea, this would allow it to join NATO. Picture the Armenian-Azerbaijani war, but between Ukraine and Russia, with Ukraine using Western technology and drones. I find this somewhat more plausible, but it's not clear why Putin couldn't have simply recognized the DPR and LPR and stationed Russian soldiers there as a "tripwire" similar to NATO in the Baltics. 

I think the overarching reason is exactly what Putin says it is: having Ukraine join NATO is unacceptable for both the Russian national image and for Russian national security. Putin's issue in Ukraine has always been EU/NATO membership and the departure of Ukraine from the Russian sphere. 

Twitter thread on postrationalists

So if the sequences are unemotional, they're disembodied, but if they are emotional, they're also disembodied?

Edit: In hindsight I'm conflating the article Kaj Sota links and the OP's tweets about the sequences keeping emotion "at an arm's length." I don't really agree that the sequences keep emotions at an arm's length, but sure, if this is not the same thing as being "disembodied," they might still be emotional and disembodied.

That said, what is the test that tells us something is not disembodied? Is any attempt to improve one's life through reason on its own evidence for disembodiment? What does the alternate-universe "embodied" version of the sequences look like? 

Twitter thread on postrationalists

I think the problem is less in the "vibes" and more in the kind of person that is attracted to rationalism for rationalism's sake.  Ironically, this is also something discussed in the sequences. I once introduced the sequences to the anarchists I did activism with in college, and while some of them rejected most of it out of hand because it seemed politically unorthodox, some found real value in it and were able to use it to improve their lives or work in various ways. I've met many people since who were not "rationalists" or part of the "rationalist community" but certainly also did the same thing.  

Maybe I am just too traumatized and autistic, but I find it hard to read the sequences without seeing a very hard, emotional overtone.  The tone of the early sequences seems almost desperate.  It seems hard to read "if the hot iron approaches your face, it is rational to feel fear" as something disembodied.  It seems impossible to read "shut up and multiply!" as something unemotional.  But "disembodied" has become a very trendy accusation in the last few years, and I'm not surprised to see it standing in as the more obviously ableist slur "autistic."

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