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If you are truly staying in your house, and not going indoors anywhere with people from outside of your household (ordering grocery delivery, working from home, etc.) then I can see avoiding the vaccine until later, as you wouldn't really be a risk to anyone else.  But if you are still grocery shopping, or running any other errands inside or stores, then every time you do so you are putting everyone at some level risk.

On a related note, I find it strange that many of the groups hardest hit by COVID are also the groups least likely to get the vaccine.  If anyone has any insight into why this is the case I would love to hear it.


You might find the new editor is better now that it's been live for awhile and had several updates.  Depends on exactly what you are trying to do with it.  If not, switching to self-hosted is not something you will regret as long as the hosting cost is marginal for you.

I set up a self-hosted blog years ago using this guide, and got used to the classic WordPress editor.  So when they switched it I just installed the free Classic Editor plugin so I didn't have to mess with learning the new editor.  Overall it's been a good experience.

The whole "freemium" model that uses can be pretty annoying at times.  Better just to do self-hosted in my opinion.  You can easily export an XML backup of your site from the dashboard and then import it into your new self-hosted install.  You will then need to set-up a redirect for the domain name to point to your new hosting account, which charges for (surprise).


A comparison to many Olympic sports also fits here as well.  Just look at the success of Bulgaria in weightlifting throughout the 80s and 90s.  Strong incentives, culture, coaching, and some cheating all played a role, just as I am guessing they do for IMO success.


IF the innovators are willing to sell...


I would also add Naval Ravikant's tweetstorm on how to get rich as required reading for anyone aspiring towards the upper class.


I think most parents are doing a variation of this, although not actually co-living with other families.  By the age of 5 most parents farm out education, food preparation, etc.  Basically the only thing the parent has to provide on their own is parental attention.  This too can be passed-off to extended family, which is maybe the most straightforward option for anyone interested in a co-living situation.

Overall, I think the co-living situation has a lot of benefit in terms of social development for all involved. Western society places a large emphasis on the individual, but many people are lonely as a result of this.  Co-living with others, whether it be like-minded people or multiple generations of a family, is a huge potential antidote to this, and would likely result in more well-adjusted children.

I think the real problem for ambitious people is that they can't turn their ambition off.  Meaning, while they are ambitious in the pursuit of their own goals, having their own kids often means that they become ambitious about their kids' education, sports, etc.  We saw this with the college admissions cheating scandal, which was essentially a bunch of ambitious parents pushing their own ambitions on their kids.