This meetup is your chance to hear the answer to every question you ever wanted to ask, and a bunch that you haven't, about polyamory and open relationship. Answering will be our resident panel of open lovers: Sam, Eloise, Brian, Terese, and myself. I'll start with some general question for the entire panel (e.g., "how did you discover polyamory?", "what's a mistake you made that you learned from?"). After that, we'll open it to audience Q&A. 

The spiciness level for this meetup is set at "higher than the Rosenroof", but of course, those panelists who don't want to answer a question will be free to pass. If you want to submit a question anonymously, you can use this Google form: and I'll try to at least get to all the must-ask questions.

More details on our Google group.

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