Rationality Café No. 7 - Bring and Share


Hey gang -
We're doing another one of our sporadic but hugely enjoyable meetups. Kind of early this month but we thought it was worth it to avoid losing people for Christmas.

Pinkmans is getting busier and busier - any ideas about where we could go instead are very welcomed. Museum cafe is only open till 16:30, so we could meet at 14:30 and still get 2 hours in.

As it's Christmassy, we don't want to stress you out too much at all. So as a laid back event, you should all bring a "Thing" to share with the rest of the group that has improved your life, or will improve your life going forward. The thing can be an item/concept/idea/tool. Be prepared to talk about it for 5+ minutes or explain it. Feel free to bring a couple of items.

For example, Nick is going to bring the concept of Sign Language and teach you all the alphabet and a few words. Nick's also going to explain why SL is great and everyone should learn it.

As always, afterwards we'll normally devolve into discussion topics that are likely to happen: Less Wrong, Slate Star Codex, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Worm, Free Will, Efficiency, Podcasts, Politics, Effective Altruism.

Also this is going to be Nick's last directly organised Cafe as he's moving to Plymouth. If you would be interested in helping organise it it's pretty easy. Just bring it up at the Cafe.