[Tenerife/Canary Islands] Meetup January and February

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Manuel Allgaier

It is scientifically proven that cold lowers cognitive abilities, both during exposure and after exposure, both short and long term. (no, it's not, but I can cite like 20x very shitty studies).

It is empirically observed most people suffer from cold. Under a mixed care-ethics & utilitarian system, where one is most responsible for one's future self, it would be outright unethical to expose yourself to cold. It would cause suffering in a global, abstract way, but also cause suffering to the person to which you are most responsible to give care and aid, your future self.

Thus, it can be derived from first principles that one should run to tropical islands in the winter. Alas, the closest alternative that's easy to access for Europeans in the season of covid are the canary islands, the best of which is Tenerife (I'm kidding, it's La Gomera, but nobody goes there), the best part of which is the spring-like warmth south.

I am personally planning to land there on the 3rd of January and would be curious if anyone from the LW/SSC community is passing by. If I can find more than 2 people I'd love to try organizing a meetup, or maybe even the renting of a shared house.

Kind of a long shot, but might as well see who answers. Feel free to comment here, pm me or email me at: george@cerebralab.com (I'll probably get back to you quicker, I usually only check LW every 1-2 days)

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Hey there, I live in Santa Cruz until end of Februar, so I would be interested in a meetup. Until the 15th of January I'm pretty busy because my girlfriend is here to visit but after that I am open for a nice evening or day among less wrongers. Let me know, Marvin

Thanks for the initiative, appreciate it! :) 

My partner and I will be in Tenerife from 7 - 17 January. We already have quite a few plans for our time there and I don't want to overcommit, so I only put myself on "maybe", but if it's not too far away I'd try to come :) 
We got an Airbnb in Santa Cruz (north east) and will probably spend most of our time in that area. Where will you be?

I also don't check LW often, so best email or Facebook message me on:

Some more info about me: I work full-time in Effective Altruism (EA) movement building, so I spend most of my time organising events for the community and helping people figure out how to do the most good with their donations and careers. If not working, you'll find me doing any kind of outdoor sports, dancing, doing acrobatics or reading. More on https://www.linkedin.com/in/manuelallgaier/ 

In case the organiser does not update this anymore, we'll now meet on Saturday (15 January) from 1pm onwards at Baobab in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. So far seven LWers indicated interest. Feel free to join! :) 

 Address: C. Antonio Domínguez Alfonso, 30, 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Google Maps Link: https://g.page/baobab-santa-cruz?share

Do you mind if I make you the organizer? (I think I can) I ended up not having the time to manage this due to recent developments. Though I'd like to attend the Los Cristianos followup this weekend if it happens.