Houston Rationalists Virtual Meetup 17 August

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Hey y'all,

This meetup occurs on Tuesday 17 August 2021 from 18:00-20:30 Central Time!

We'll meet virtually via the Houston Rationalists discord server.

Suggested readings:

(1) Four Components of Audacity, by lsusr

(2) Media Diet: Cultivating Voice, Deliberate Action, and Alive Time, by me - I'd like to share my experiences from this media diet and discuss the concept too.

(3) Replacing Guilt Sequence by Nate Soares

If you have any suggested readings or topics please comment here or message me.

I'm looking forward to hanging out virtually and having good discussions, see y'all soon :)

If you aren't already a member of our Google Group, please join so that you'll receive automatic calendar invites to meetups :) houston-rationalists@googlegroups.com


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hello! i find i cannot join the server :(

Hi! Discord shows that you joined on the 13th, are you logged in with the same Discord account? Here's an invite again just in case: https://discord.gg/n9NVNqvJ