SSC Meetup 10/12: Minneapolis / St. Paul


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Our next meetup is October 12 at 1:30PM at Room 204 in Rapson Hall, 89 Church St SE on the east bank of the UMN campus. [Directions: go to the second floor of Rapson hall. At the north end, you go into a library, and the room is in the hallway to your left. If you get lost, shoot me an email at and I'll respond ASAP.]

We'll start off with lightning talks on a whiteboard from anyone who'd lke to present, and then we'll play whichever games folks have brought. Bring any games you’d like to play (card games, board games, pencil and paper and a ruleset, whatever!), and any ideas for things you’d want to talk about for ≤5 minutes (or, if you’d prefer not to give any lightning talks, bring yourself as an audience member!).

The weather forecast is for some snow and chilly temperatures; we’ll be inside, but you might want to bring a coat on your way there. I’ll bring snacks, too; feel free to shoot me an email if you have food preferences/allergies/etc!

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