SSC/LW Meetup - Houston Rationalists


Heya! Come hangout with ~rationalsphere folks in person, enjoy some good conversation, and have fun!

These are mostly social meetups though we like to have a starting discussion topic to help get conversations rolling.

For this March 17 meetup we'll start with OpenAI's GPT-2 language model and its implications then move on to whatever else we want to talk about.

Please feel free to invite friends and others you think would be interested in attending, this is a social meetup and we want to have fun talking about interesting topics we don't often get to discuss IRL.

We meet on the third Sunday of each month.

Here are some relevant GPT-2 Links, relevant for those who are interested, but especially for those attending the March 17, 2019 meetup

OpenAI's blog post:

Scott's initial coverage of GPT-2:…/do-neural-nets-dream-of-elect…/

Scott's follow up post about GPT-2:…/gpt-2-as-step-toward-general-…/

OpenAI's academic paper about GPT-2:…/language_models_are_u…

OpenAI GPT-2 Github:

If you know of any other relevant links, copy them under this post!