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Just another chill dinner with interesting discussions at Yi Xin Vegetarian, 7pm Saturday 25th June. We may head across the road to People's Park Complex hawker center afterwards if we want to keep chatting beyond Yi Xin's closing time. The hawker center is also the backup in case Yi Xin is too busy to seat us, since Yi Xin is walk-in only (no bookings).

As with previous events, everyone is welcome - no need to be a regular LessWrong reader or anything like that.

Please remember to click the RSVP button if you're coming! That'll ensure you get event update notification emails.

If you'd like to come but Saturday 25th isn't ideal for you, add a comment and we may be able to shift the date if enough people request it. 

I'm jokingly calling this one "DALL-E 2 edition" because I recently got DALL-E 2 access so I'll bring my Chromebook along and we can have a play with that if people are interested šŸ˜

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Hey all, Nathan and I sitting inside - I'm wearing a grey shirt and black shorts. Nathan is wearing a black shirt that says "deep note".

Hey friends, just a quick reminder that the dinner is tomorrow night. I'm going to get there a bit early to try and grab us a table. See you tomorrow! :)