CPH meetup 10/20/19

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This is intended as a space for people curious about the world and critical of the methods of understanding it. It is primarily aimed at people interested in applying Bayesian Rationality(LessWrong, CFAR, etc.) to their critical methods but also welcomes Slate Star Codex readers, and others curious about the world.

Last time the community seemed excited about a community member sharing their view on something they are knowledgeable about, and so without further ado I would like to present this weeks activity.

Activity: Community Presentation
Carl Dybdahl will be doing a presentation on the causes of gender dysphoria and transsexuality, where he will be talking about Blanchard's typology, research into gender issues, critiques of the model, and things that may be interesting to study in the future.

19.00 Informal meet and greet
19:30 Activity begins
21:00 Socialize

This is the second meetups in a series that will last until December.

We are meeting in the aquarium.

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This looks fantastic! Sadly, though, there is no way for me to attend this meet up in person. Is it possible for a video of this meeting and subsequent meetings to be taken and uploaded, either here or on youtube and/or a similar platform? Else, some form of transcription?

No worries if this isn't possible; I just thought I'd ask, anyhow. Thanks a ton!

Hi Greywolfember,

Thank you for the encouraging words.

As of now my primary focus is community growth and at the last meetup we were only 4 people. I suspect that adding a video would put extra pressure on our community members which I don't think is conducive to growth and will reduce the number of people willing to do presentations. If we can somehow find a way that accompany both of our wants I am open to talking more about it but I don't see any obvious way.