Rationality Café No. 9 - The Sequences, Part 1; Section C b


Hey gang - we're doing another one of our increasingly complicatedly-named meetups. We're sticking with the museum at the slightly earlier time

If you'd like to attend, we're asking you to read the last 5 chapters in part C of the first book of The Sequences before you attend, so that we can discuss our thoughts on them at the Cafe. It's almost exactly like a book club.

The chapters we want you to read are:
Occam’s Razor
Your Strength as a Rationalist
Absence of Evidence Is Evidence of Absence
Conservation of Expected Evidence
Hindsight Devalues Science

If you don't know what the Sequences are, think of them like a collection of blog posts which together form a pretty reliable backbone for improving your thinking and being more rational.

You can find the stuff you need to read here https://www.readthesequences.com/Noticing-Confusion-Sequence

You can also find it for free as an audiobook podcast wherever you get podcasts from (Try searching for "Rationality: From AI to Zombies")

We strongly recommend reading all of the chapters.

Most likely we will finish talking about The Sequences and end up talking about other topics; Less Wrong, Current Affairs, Slate Star Codex, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Worm, Free Will, Efficiency, Podcasts

And we also are hosting a Study Hall/Pomodoro every Saturday at 11:00 at Bristol Central Library

Also the 17th is Random Act of Kindness day. How about that.