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Join us on our quest to have the most curious and collaborative conversations on the public internet!

People using LessWrong to have dialogues with each other.

On Sunday 5th November at 12 noon Pacific Time, we're hosting an online event in the LessWrong Walled Garden for people to meet and have dialogues together. 

Dialogues are a format for having a public, collaborative conversation with someone else. It's an opportunity to talk about what's interesting to you, what's exciting to you, bring strong arguments, and figure out the truth (or best course of action), together with another person or two. And hopefully get a neat LessWrong post out of it at the end :-)

When you arrive there'll be some activities for brainstorming topics and then selecting conversations from those. I recently hosted an in-person event for 10-15 people where we did this too, and published 6 dialogues from that (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). We had a fun time, and now I'd like to run an event for everyone else who is on LessWrong.

Is there something you'd like to write about on LessWrong but writing a post seems too hard? Try a dialogue! It's much lower effort. If you've been puzzling over something lately, or have a position you'd like to debate, or are looking for an opportunity to get a line of reasoning out in a written format, this is a space to do that.

On the other hand: don't worry if you've never written a post or dialogue before, or if you want to write one but can't yet think of topics — anyone is encouraged to attend, and we'll set aside time at the start to find topics to discuss.

There'll be a brief closing session at 4pm, where we award prizes for "spookiest dialogue", "most beautiful dialogue", "least wrong dialogue" and "first-to-publish".

When? Sunday November 5th, 12:00PM (PT) to 16:00PM (PT)


How? Gather.Town is a 2D space where you are connected (by video call) to people who are near you in the 2D space. You can turn off your video and your audio at will. There's also a bunch of further features available for communication.

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I'd love it if one of these were held again at a slightly earlier time, this is pretty late in my timezone. While I expect that a large number of people would prefer around this time, I think a couple hours earlier might still capture a sizeable fraction of those people while allowing for me (and others like me) to attend easier.