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Tl;dr: there will be a CFAR reunion in Europe in spring (in addition to the usual one in August in Cali), March 29 - April 1, 2019, in Czech mountains. Tickets are 150 EUR, first come, first serve. Register here!

WHEN? March 29 - April 1, 2019 (Fri - Mon)

WHERE? Jizera Mountains - a beautiful region in northern Bohemia, about 90 min by car north of Prague. We will stay at two separate but very close venues: Hotel Perla and Chata. Shuttle bus from Prague will be provided.

WHAT? The reunion is an opportunity to engage with and develop new rationality techniques, meet people from different workshops, conspire, give talks, and get outdoors. Many alumni consider this a highlight of their year!
The Alumni Reunion is an unconference - a chance for CFAR alumni to practice their agency and showcase and explore what they're developing and excited about. We will help coordinate some of the activities but it is up to you what you organize and what you participate in. You can start thinking about what you would like to organize now and include it in the registration form. Generally, you can expect talks that are related to rationality, EA but also broad interests of the community. 
Activities that will likely happen during the weekend:

  • Updates to CFAR's core curriculum 
  • Circles of every type
  • Pair debugging
  • Very cool people
  • Sauning
  • Hikes in the mountains

And much more!

WHO? All CFAR Alumni and their +1s are invited - it doesn't matter whether your workshop was in Europe or if you live in Europe.
We are pleased to say that we will be pet-friendly and kid-friendly. Let us know if you are bringing any of these in the registration form so we can make accommodations for you.
If you want to arrive earlier or stay later and would like to crash with local rationalists, Tereza will help you find a suitable couch. Let her know at

TICKETS Tickets include accommodation for three nights, 3 meals a day for Saturday and Sunday + Friday dinner, light snacks, shuttle bus to and from Prague.
Please note that tickets are a little more expensive than what we initially announced: 150 EUR. The price went up once we included additional expenses such as the cost of the bus, office supplies, snacks and drinks, and additional fees from both venues. We are very happy with the location and both venues, and believe that it is still an excellent deal for a weekend of awesomeness! However, we understand that may still be a burden for some of the alumni, especially since most of you will have travel costs associated with getting there. If you can only afford to come if you pay less, it's up to you to make that call and pay as much as you can. On the other hand, if you have the means to pay more, we would appreciate it in order to offset those who cannot afford the full price of the ticket.
We have about 60 spots and the interest seemed pretty high. We hope we can have everyone come but we strongly recommend that you register sooner rather than later. If for some reason your plans change and you can no longer come, we would consider refunds on a case by case bases, mostly depending on whether we can fill your slot by someone else.

HOW DO I JOIN? Fill out the registration form for every individual person going and make the payment in two weeks from your registration. 

HOW DO I GET THERE? You can probably all figure out how to get to Prague - there are many airport connections, as well as cheap and comfortable trains from all over Europe. Once you are in Prague, note that venue is rather remote and difficult to access by public transportation. There will be a bus which will leave the Dharmasala tearoom at 5pm on Friday. Dharmasala is our EA/Rationality base in Prague and houses our community/coworking space. If you arrive early you can leave your luggage there and hang out with the other participants. The bus will likely leave the venue at 9am on Monday and take you back to Dharmasala. We should be back at 10:30am. 

If you need to be flexible and independent, it may be worth renting a car at the airport. In my experience, it will cost about 140 euros for three days, including gas there and back which is a pretty good price for groups of 4-5 people.


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