This part of our return to in-person meetups, now once per month. As per the health recommendations, we will maintain social distancing. Please finish food and drinks before coming. And wear a mask.

This time, we might be joined by Robin Hanson (of Overcoming Bias fame) and/or Bryan Caplan (of Econlog fame) (both of GMU fame). So I thought we would use this time to discuss our favorite ideas from these two minds. For a quick recap, Hanson is known for (though I can't do him justice here):

And Caplan is known for (much more in addition to):


The meetup is at Central Market, 4001 N. Lamar, in the park area, near the stone tables by the pond. Please wear masks and finish food and drinks before congregating. Look for the LW and SSC signs. People start arriving at 1:30 pm, and the main activity will begin at 2:30 pm.

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