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Would you like to spend less time on your phone, get better sleep, work more efficiently, or build deeper connections with people? Do you also like to move fast and break things? If so, then this is the meetup for you.

For the final Cambridge LW meetup of 2022, we will be discussing lifehacks -- quick-and-dirty solutions to life's problems. Please join us to share your favorite tips/tricks for living better, and why you think they work. We will also have a meta-level discussion about the drawbacks of lifehacks, and discuss how the concept of "technical-debt" applies to each of our lives.

An example of a lifehack would be using GPT-3 to help write this announcement and DALL-E 2 to generate a nice picture to go along with it.

Snacks will be provided and there will be an informal dinner afterwards for those who wish to stick around.

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