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At our Meetups Everywhere meetup, attendees were overwhelmingly interested in regular meetups, so here goes!

As an experiment, let's assign a reading as a springboard for discussion, to see if we like that as a meetup format. Please read Scott's Guided By The Beauty Of Our Weapons from 2017 before attending.

Some questions to ponder ahead of the meetup:

  • When have you changed your mind very quickly on a deeply held belief, if ever? When have you slowly changed your mind (over the course of months or years) on a deeply held belief, if ever? What contributed to this transformation?
  • Have you ever resisted changing a belief despite accumulating evidence or persuasive arguments against it? What were the reasons for your resistance (emotional? social? intellectual?), and how did you eventually navigate this conflict?
  • Re: raising the sanity waterline, what personal practices or habits have you adopted to ensure you're engaging with the world in a more rational, open-minded way, if any?

Come to Dude Chilling Park and look for a sign that says Vancouver Rationality! If you have trouble, text me (the organizer, Jordan) at 905 467 6849.

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