Please bring either (or both!) a laptop or a smartphone for this event!

This event is hosted by Arthur Milchior and Rowan Carson.

Anki is a software that helps you learn things and remember them in the long term. Anki can be used to learn a lot of different topics; I successfully used it to learn music, programming languages, mathematics, name of people, and song lyrics. However, ideally, each topic requires one to use Anki differently.

Depending on the interest of the audience, this event will either be a discussion about how we use Anki efficiently, or I will demonstrate the tricks I created and use daily to get the best out of Anki. Most of my tricks are documented on

Please let me know (at, in comments, or on facebook if you have any question or topic you want us to consider during the event.

Hosts' bio

I've used anki since 2016 and uses it daily. I contributed to Anki and Ankidroid (for Android) code. I also created add-ons for anki which have been downloaded 40 thousand times.

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