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I’m Ti Guo, one of the co-founders EA UWaterloo, and now one of the cofounders of the project OpenPrinciples ( We are building a wiki-style community for sharing and collecting principles for our daily lives and help people reduce bias and become "less wrong". We’ve been collecting principles since early 2021 and hope to introduce others to this way of thinking and sharing.

We are hosting a 2-hour workshop to help you reflect on the past year and extract principles to start 2022 off on the right foot and will loosely follow this format:

  1. Summarize 2021 by month
  2. Key decision analysis using the “Decision Journal” method and principle creation/identification - why did you make your decisions, what factors (and driven principles) from those decisions are helpful to consider in the future?
  3. Prioritization for 2022 - choose personal and professional goals, highlight principles to apply and refine in the upcoming year
  4. Operationalize and specify action steps for 2022 - set up some reminders, accountability, and next steps

Here is our Workshop Worksheet if you like to check it out beforehand.

Our workshop will take place online on January 2nd 12pm EST. Both timeslots will cover the same content and will be led by me. Volunteers from our team will be available to help you get the most of your time.

Sign up for the event here:

We hope to see you there. Feel free to ask any questions about our event below 🙂

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