Moral Mazes - Los Angeles LW/SSC Meetup #144 (Wednesday, January 22nd)


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Topic: Avoid corruption. Reading:

Please come even if you think you wouldn't fit in, don't consider yourself a "meetup" person, or think a wine bar is a stuffy environment (it's very casual; no need to order drinks or anything). Multiple people who are now regulars had similar misgivings but found themselves having a good time!

Location: Wine Bar (Landmark Lounge) next to the Landmark Theater in the Westside Pavilion (10850 W Pico Blvd #312, Los Angeles, CA 90064).

Time: 7 pm (January 22nd)

Parking: Available in the parking lot for the entire complex. The first three (3) hours are free and do not requijre validation (the website is unclear and poorly written, but it may be the case that if you validate your ticket and leave before three hours have passed, you will be charged $3). After that, parking is $3 for up to the fifth (5) hour, with validation.

Contact: The best way to contact me (or anybody else who is attending the meetup) is through our Discord. Feel free to message me (T3t) directly. Invitation link:

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