Discussing Próspera, the new charter city

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Weekly OBNYC events are often only posted to the mailing list but this week I remembered to post it here

This week's meetup will be on Tuesday August 3rd where I'll lead a discussion on Próspera, the new economic development zone / charter city in Honduras with distinct and interesting laws and design.

I think last week's blog post discussion meetup went really well and a bunch of new people came from the event post on LessWrong, so I thought I'd do a similar discussion this week but on a different flavor of topic.

Scott Alexander wrote a Prospectus on Próspera post which goes over all the things that are interesting and new about Próspera, and what their plans are. We can discuss:

  • What kind of interesting things their minimal damages-based regulatory framework may allow: new styles of building, biomedical research (vaccine trials?), ...
  • What might cause them to fail early on before achieving anything of note? Are there flaws with their laws which may cause them to collapse after they've achieved some growth?
  • Who might move there and what would it take to convince them? What about you?
  • Will their extremely low taxes and Japanese-subway-style land development funding model work out? Will it be a big draw for remote workers to move there?

I'll give a brief introduction to what Próspera is and my starting thoughts on these points. There's no need to read the post before coming, but it's a great post and might prompt more thoughts.

It'll be at an apartment in the financial district in Manhattan. Sign up to the Google Group and if you say you found this meetup on LessWrong in the "application" you will be accepted and get more details.

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