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Saturday, October 1, 14:30

After that, first Saturday every month at 14:30.


Richmond Public Libraries, West End Branch

5420 Patterson Ave, Richmond, VA 23226

Look for a green badge press! (yup! you get a pin with your name on it for coming!)

About me


I am Cedar, and I just arrived at Richmond from Austin, TX. I'm a UVA grad student in computer science working remotely, and I'm organizing meetups.

Join Willa's VA Rat discord server and @ me to get in touch. I am VERY responsive on discord (severe phone-addiction level responsive).

The First Meetup

This first meetup will be titled "Absurd Trolley Problems". I'm going to try to give out some silly, funny, but also controversial trolley problems, and we will be figuring out how each other think about them. We will be using Double Cruxes, but feel free to suggest other ideas in the comments!



08/27 00:31

We're on the ACX Meetups Everywhere list! 

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We are outside at the patio.