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Bruno D.
Jeroen Willems
Alexander de Vries


You're all welcome to join for an ACX meetup at Guingette Henri, George-Henri park, on Sunday 18 September at 4pm.




My Number : +32 456 32 70 67

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Awesome, I myself will be 25-30 minutes late, but will catch you guys there :)

Will you have a sign on the table or some such ? Also, it might be worth emailing everyone else since LW is horrible at notifications about these events

Indeed, let's meet at "la Cuve à bière" instead, just outside the park (Av. Georges Henri 193, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert). I suggest we keep the meetup today at 4pm. Be aware today is car free Sunday in Brussels.

Given that rain is forecasted, are we moving the meeting to and indoors space or to another day with a better chance of sun?

Hey Bruno! I'm an organiser for EA Brussels and would love to collaborate this on (ex. by making a facebook event on the EA Brussels page/group). Would love it if you could reach out to me :)

or jeroen at eabrussels dot org