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Astral Codex Ten has had less writing on it lately, and we can probably expect this state of affairs to continue for the near future. This means now is an excellent time to pitch an underrated or undiscovered blog to people who need some extra reading material!

Have one blog post picked out of a blog you like, ideally a post you think shows off what's fun about the blogger's writing and is under five thousand words. We'll each take turns- two minutes each- to pitch why people should read it. Then we'll open things up to general discussion and conversation, or to sitting off to the side reading blog posts and occasionally going "huh!" at each other!

We'll meet at the food court. I'll be wearing a bright green bandanna. 

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Be advised: The weather outside is full of snow and ice. I'm planning to be there anyway because I am from the frozen northlands of Vermont and love the cold, but you may reasonably have different preferences.

I'm planning to run this topic again next month, so if you decide not to come tonight you'll likely have another chance.