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The ACX/EA/LW Sofia regular meetup for August will be on 20 August (Sunday) at 18:00 in the Shades Garden (inside Borisova Gradina Park).

This will be the last in-person meeting of your regular organiser for a while. As such, we're going to cram in a few bucket list items.

  1. The main theme / homework has to do with advice. You can totally opt out of that part, but if you feel up for it:
    1. spend 5 minutes thinking about advice you'd want to give to the rest of the regulars (you can opt out of both giving and receiving!)
    2. spend 4 minutes thinking about what advice you'd give to the person you were 5 years ago
    3. spend 3 minutes thinking about the best advice you've ever received, and then maybe share that at the meetup
  2. At the meetup, we're going to do a meditation session guided by our own Veli.
  3. You're encouraged (but not pressured) to bring food (not too much), home-made potluck style. There probably will be bagels and chocolate cookies.


Sofia ACX started with the 2021 Meetups Everywhere round. Attendance hovers around 6-8 people. Everyone worries they're not serious enough about ACX to join, so you should banish that thought and come anyway.  "Please feel free to come even if you feel awkward about it, even if you’re not 'the typical ACX reader', even if you’re worried people won’t like you", even if you didn't come to the previous meetings, even if you don't speak Bulgarian, etc., etc.

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