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1) We'll be meeting IRL this week at Nathan's place indoors.


It was requested that we spend a bit more time looking at specific topics within the subject of climate change. I wanted to loop back to John Halstead's report from two weeks ago, and look just at the one chapter about conflict. This chapter discusses how to assess claims surrounding how climate change could affect civil conflicts, and interstate conflicts.

"Climate Change & Longtermist: Part 12 (Conflict)" by John Halstead.

Pdf attached to the discord announcement:

2 hour approximated reading time.

Location: 11841 Wagner St., Culver City

1) Things start winding down around 11:30 PM.
2) For parking: use street parking. Do not park in the driveway of the house.  Street parking is free and doesn't require any permits.

6:30PM - 7:00PM - Gathering/Chatting
7:00PM - 7:20PM - Surprise of the Week
7:20PM - 7:30PM - Announcements
7:30PM - 9:00PM - Topic Discussion
9:00PM - 11:30PM - Hanging Out

Contact: The best way to contact me (or anybody else who is attending the meetup) is through our Discord. Feel free to message Vishal or Nathan directly. Invitation link:

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