Houston Rationalists Virtual Meetup January 21

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On January 21, 2021 between 5:30pm and 8:30pm CST we'll meet virtually via Jitsi Meet. I'll post the password to enter that room at about 5:25pm on the 21th.

Topic: We will be reviewing and discussing the following posts during the meetup and will write a group-summary (i.e. we will write it together) for each post:

  1. Personhood: A Game for Two or More Players
  2. Ads Don't Work That Way
  3. How Much is Your Time Worth?

Secondary topic: What specific actions are you taking, habits are you building, lifestyle changes are you making, etc. to make progress towards your 2021 plans and goals? How have your efforts gone thus far? What has challenged you? What has surprised you? Do you think asking for help might give you the push you need to get past a stuck point or get started?

Come as you are, we welcome all!

If you're interested in doing the Hammertime sequence, I'm building a group for that so send me a message!

If you're interested in virtual co-working, I'm setting up sessions for that, please send me your availability if you want to join.

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