Monthly Mailer for December

November Recap

Ok so this past month we had the book clubs on Superforecasting, Bi-weekly on Liberal Outreach, Nuclear Reactor Tour and Energy Discussion, and 2 Socials. That is 8 very cool times people got together to make the world a little more rational and effectively altruistic! The Nuclear reactor tour and follow-up discussion about renewable energy was a real highlight of the month for me, but then so was also the discussions about Friends vs Acquaintances, Faith Crises, Homelessness, and Healthcare. We also practiced making some predictions after finishing our book club, which was an interesting exercise and is ongoing.

So we had lots of meet-ups in November. With all that said, we are gonna cool down a little bit for Decempear.

This month we are mainly focusing on trying to make an awesome and safe Solstice Event. We will be basing some of the themes and activities of the Solstice off of other rationalist versions. We will likely need some help, so please email me (scel… or Nathan (nathan… if you would like to assist in any way. There is also a Book Club on the Scout Mindset, and A PEAR Dinner Social Thursday the 9th of December. Happy Holidays!

Updates for December

1. No Bi-weeklies this month, and only one Social 12/9

 The one PEAR Dinner Social will be this week on Thursday at 5:30pm 12/9 at Cartopia, which has a heated outdoor tent or firepits. Enjoy your holidays and family! 


2. Book Club for The Scout Mindset by Julia Galef 12/14

This is the second iteration of the Book Club with us reading 3chapters then meeting every Tuesday on Discord starting on 12/14 at 7pm for 3weeks. The last book club day will be an in-person practical application of the skills discussed within the Scout Mindset on a slightly different day at My Father’s Place. If you would like to join and want a free book – email me! I have extras.


3. Solstice 12/19

This will be the one, main in-person event this month. Please let me know if you can help, or if there are any barriers for you coming to the event. There will be more information on this coming soon.


Upcoming Events (public calendar)

12/09: PEAR Dinner Social at Cartopia, 5:30pm

12/14: PEAR Book Club 1 for The Scout Mindset on Discord, 7pm

12/19: Solstice, TBD

12/21: PEAR Book Club 2 for The Scout Mindset on Discord, 7pm

12/28: PEAR Book Club 3 for The Scout Mindset on Discord, 7pm

01/02/22: Tentative Bi-Weekly at the Beeminders, 5pm

01/04/22: PEAR Final Book Club for The Scout Mindset in-person at My Father’s Place, 7pm.

Please only attend in PEAR-son events if you are vaccinated. All events will be confirmed by an email on the day of due to varying covid and outdoor conditions. 


Please use our Meet-up or Facebook group to rsvp to events

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