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As part of the Spring Meetups (Schelling Meetups) organized by Scott, I suggested planning a meetup on May 12th in the center of Paris.

The meetup will take place neat the Louvres (Jardin des Tuileries) an open area large enough to accomodate lots of people. The specific Plus Code is 8FW4V86J+GQ and the official starting hour is 6PM but you can arrive earlier as the garden closes at 9pm (the next step will be decided collectively by the remaining participants).

  • I chose this location because it's nice, outside (for participants worried about contamination), large, easily accessible. The downside is that if it's pouring rain, the place can get quite muddy so I intend to find a fallback location nearby that would be cleaner if that happens (suggestions welcome!).
  • I intend to bring plenty of name tags but don't hesitate to bring a marker. If you want to eat or drink, you'll have to bring your own food.
  • The usual attendance to our quarterly meetups has been about 20 people and reached a maximum of about 50 people when Scott came to Paris last summer. To have an idea of how many people plan to attend, please fill the doodle to allow me to estimate attendance : https://framadate.org/qGt6N5lK5aCYaO5z
  • A large majority of participants are native french speakers but using english has so far not been an issue. Hence, please, don't decide whether to come or not based on your fluency in either english or french : come either way.
  • Don't hesitate to bring friends that are interested in ACX, LW, rationality or other related spheres.
  • I will post a message on the EA discord server to increase attendance.

Most of the planning is usually done on the Discord server which you can join if you want to. There is also a mailing list, it has been used only to give directions when the meetup details were finalized. A matrix bridge can be used to interact with the discord server without installing discord (link : https://matrix.to/#/#ssc-paris-meetups:matrix.org and https://matrix.to/#/#ssc-paris-general:matrix.org)

If you have any question, don't hesitate to reach me here or via mail or on discord. You can also ask me for my french phone number if necessary.


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