SSC Atlanta Meetup - January 18th


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Our next meetup will be on Saturday January 18th at 2:00 PM at our usual spot of
Hodge Podge Coffee House
720 Moreland Ave SE,
Atlanta, GA 30316

Should we need topics, I propose that we pick up sort of where we left off with 

1.  Civil wars - I've been thinking a lot about something BJ Campbell said at the last meeting and I've come to disagree with it quite a bit

2.  Henry Ferrell's idea of weaponized interdependence (a far reaching, but under discussed idea)

3.  Measuring technological unemployment (i.e. coming up with a formula) and whatever trend can be measured, but isn't (I'm thinking milestone for AI)

4.  Our first book, the Lessons of History by Will and Arial Durant

If you would, please RSVP so I can get a good feel for who can attend.

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