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We're am proud to announce CFAR's 5th annual Alumni Reunion!

The reunion is an opportunity to engage with and develop new rationality techniques, meet people from different workshops, conspire, give talks, and get outdoors. Many alumni consider this a highlight of their year.

The Alumni Reunion is an unconference - a chance for our alumni to practice their agency and showcase and explore what they're developing and excited about. An editable schedule will be sent out sometime before the event for people to schedule their activities and classes.

Other things at the Alumni Reunion:

  • Updates to CFAR's core curriculum
  • A waterslide!
  • Some insight into CFAR's Tier-II workshops
  • Circles of every type!
  • Campfires
  • Pair debugging
  • Very cool people

To find out more or buy tickets, click here!

ElizabethCFAR Community Manager
Questions answering time!

Q1 How many tickets are there? do I need to make sure I buy one before they're gone?

A1 ~175. Yes? However, I would bet some are still available in July.

Q2 I'm about to take on a reasonable amount of debt for further study, with mind to x-risk/maximising impact. It doesn't feel sensible for me to take on unnecessary debt on the margin; on the other hand, being a net cost feels like defecting. What donation would be approximately cost-covering? (also very open to being challenged on my tentative conclusion)

A2 If we thought people would be a net cost if they couldn't pay in full, we would just set the price to be exactly what covers the cost of the individual. Causing our alumni financial pain is harmful to the Alumni Reunion. We fully endorse pay what you can.

Q3.1 Should we buy two tickets if we have a +1?

A3.1 Yes. Also, it would be best for CFAR if you bought them separately so that we get info on both participants.

Q3.2. If we might not attend literally the whole time (since we live nearby and transportation is easy, and being at a big party is a lot of work) then are there times which are more interesting than others, or a preliminary schedule of events?

A3.2 I think this is a matter of personal taste. I'm probably going to open it to people signed up first before I publish it to the rest of the group.


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I'm gonna be looking for rides to/from Berkeley if, anyone is planning on driving and has space in their car.