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Hello hello!

All are invited to join us at the Pagoda & Oriental Garden for Norfolk's ACX Meetups Everywhere Meetup from 4:00pm-7:00pm Eastern Time on Sunday September 18, 2022.

Who: Anyone who wants!

Look for the two organizers / group of people hanging out having good conversations. I will be wearing a bright green shirt, will have on a green & yellow hat (large), and will have an ACX Meetups Everywhere sign. My co-organizer will be wearing a button down shirt of indeterminate colour.

Suggested readings: any of Scott Alexander's posts

Backup plan in case of weather: we will huddle around the covered part of the pagoda or go inside its restaurant if it's open.


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We’re at the pagoda!!! I’m wearing a green shirt and have a large green and yellow hat on. We have a music stand holding our sign.