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Drake Morrison

The NYC Secular Solstice this year will be at Ida Lang on December 9th. The East Coast Rationalist Megameetup will be at the Holiday Inn Brooklyn Downtown from the evening of December 8th to the morning of December 11th. Despite the name, people are welcome to come from anywhere- we usually have a couple of Californians and a European or two.

What is Secular Solstice? Solstice is a holiday designed by and for rationalists. On this night, we come together to sing songs about the distant past and the hoped for future. Designed as an attempt to match religious wintertime festivals without relaxing our dedication for the truth, it's grown to be a celebration held across the world, updated year to year as our knowledge of the world changes.

What is the Rationalist Megameetup? It started because many people would come from other cities to attend the NYC Solstice, and it was more efficient to find sleeping space and meeting space together. Usually it's three days of staying up late debating math and philosophy, full of games and in-jokes and meeting cool and interesting people. I happen to be especially fond of it, as the megameetup is how I first really met the in-person rationalist community. This year is a bit of an experiment, as we've upgraded the venue due to a combination of feedback asking for more space and NYC becoming increasingly hard on large AirBnBs.

Tickets for Solstice, overnight space at the Megameetup, and passes for the Megameetup Day Events are all present at

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