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We're trying to get every EA currently in Bulgaria to come hang out at a meetup, so that we can discuss together what we'd want out of a local EA community. This is the second such meetup; the one in January had 5 people, we're trying to get a few more in February.

If we get new people, we'll just introduce one another and discuss what we'd want. If we don't, we'll discuss shrimp. Specifically:


We'll be at The Steps (ul. "Bratya Miladinovi" 12, Sofia) at 18:00 on 25 February (Saturday). There will be a white tote bag with a blue inscription "Effective Altruism Eastern Europe" on the table.

If you're interested in EA, even if you don't feel like you know "enough" about it, please do come! Feel free to reach out to the contact email if you have any questions or concerns.

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