Gallup Poll Prediction

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Do you think you know what the American population is like? The Gallup polling company may disagree! This meetup we'll be predicting the results of polls from the Gallup website and then seeing how our predictions match up to the real results!

Gallup's website has all sorts of interesting polls on things like job satisfaction, moral hypotheticals, life choices and political policies. Often the results are quite surprising. Most of us don't interact with a remotely representative slice of the American populace, or hear filtered stories that aren't very representative.

I'll look through the website and choose a bunch of polls before reading the results and also select some where I found the results surprising, tell everyone the proportion I selected each way, and we can all make predictions and see how we do.

Where: Solarium (a private apartment, join and say you came from LW for address) When: Tuesday, October 19th, 7:00pm

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