Dallas SSC Meetup #2


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Dallas SSC welcomes everyone to our second ever meetup.

We're still very much getting to know each other, so come and make new friends with like-minded individuals in a low-pressure environment.

We will be meeting at Magic Cup Cafe in Richardson, TX. Saturday, May 18 at 6-8 pm. Email tayfie@pm.me with additional questions and for update announcements.

901 N Jupiter Rd
Ste 150
Richardson, TX 75081

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I'm happy to see that Dallas has a meetup group, best of luck with things, and I hope y'all have fun :)

I schedule meetups for Houston Rationalists and will post about your event on our facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/1816070091838828/ ) in case any of us happen to be in Dallas at the right time or know someone living in Dallas who might be interested in attending.