San Diego Less Wrong

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The host has requested RSVPs for this event

Same place. (Bird Park) 1:00pm California time.

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Did you really mean 6 AM? I was thinking of joining, but I don't usually go anywhere on Saturdays before 10. :P

No. For whatever reason, on the backend it says 1:00 pm.  It just says GMT and either you can't change that, or I haven't found out how.  (So it's at 1 pm, a more sane time )

I'm not a dev so I'm not sure, but I think the site takes your location info, and if you have location access turned off, it defaults to GMT. FYI, you can still set the correct time for the event by converting between time zones — e.g. since GMT is 7 hours ahead of PDT, you would set the event to be at 8pm, and then it would display the correct time for people in PDT. (I have to do this all the time when I post events that are in different countries. Annoying, but I guess time zones are hard.)

In the meantime I've fixed it for you :)

Thanks for the help! Now let's just hope that no one reads it as 8 pm and decides that's the time!