September Meetup: Free Will


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ROOM: 5th Floor South

TOPIC: Free Will

WHAT TO READ? It's your choice.

Here are some of the infinite possibilities:
a) Rationalist: Yukdowski (I'd grab the last few posts):
(b) Rationalist-ish?: Dan Dennett
(c) Libertarian:
- Bryan Caplan:
- Michael Humer:
(d) Moral/Societal implications of
- Determinism (no free will), Non-Determinism/Free Will, Compatibilism (free will and determinism are mutually compatible"
(e) pragmatism, or, "its not a real question" (William James)
- (from the section "Let me take up another well-worn controversy, THE FREE-WILL PROBLEM")
- or the Yudkowsky version:
(f) existentialism, i.e. Kierkegaard:
- episode #079 of the podcast "Philosophize This" (~25 mins)

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