1) Check-Ins & Round of Introductions
2) Presentation (or recapitulation) of key ideas of Daniel Schmachtenberger by Anna Riedl
3) Discussion

We can stay online as long as someone wants to.

To get an in-depth preparation on the topic beforehand, listen to:
- Conversation between Schmachtenberger and Weinstein
The Future Thinkers Podcast episodes with him
- And "The War on Sensemaking" on the Rebel Wisdom Podcast

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I've had a LessWrong account for ~10 years and I am almost never on. Covid-19, among other things, brought me back here. If found the Conversation between Schmachtenberger and Weinstein fascinating. How do I join this virtual meetup?


The password is "schmachtenberger"

Sorry for the very late info, the organizer only just posted it (Viliam had asked a couple times without a reply)

Please ask on FB, in the linked group. I don't know; I was just asked to post the announcement here. Didn't realize that virtual meetup announcement without instructions how to join is not really helpful. Yeah, obvious in hindsight...

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