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Turbocharging is from the CFAR (Center for Applied Rationality) handbook. It aims to take a look at what skills you're trying to learn, and to figure out the best way to practice that skill in order to make use of it. How closely does what you practice resemble the way plan to use it? Try to practice as close as possible to the way you want to do the thing, and don’t do disassociated drills unless you need to build something specific and you’ve already encountered the need for it. What skills to practice? That’s largely up to you, though you’ll want to pick something you can do at or around the meetup. I’ll have some supplies for my suggestions (juggling, handwriting, and American Sign Language) but feel free to pick your own skill as long as it’s reasonable to do in the space we’re in! That said, this meetup is primarily focused on figuring out how to learn so I’ll encourage everyone to try Turbocharging at least two different skills. 

Note: I've never worked for CFAR or attended their classes, I'm running purely off the written handbook. If you have and you'd like to attend, I'd be delighted to have you around to course correct me! Suggested reading: 

-1:45: Doors open, miscellaneous socialization 
-2:15: Turbocharging is explained 
-2:30: Everyone picks a skill and tries to turbocharge it 
-3:15: Everyone comes back together, asking questions or sharing what's working 
-3:30: Everyone picks a different skill and tries to turbocharge that 
-4:15: Everyone comes back together to share how it went 
-4:30: Cleanup and end of structured meetup. 

I plan to hang around for general socialization for an hour or so afterwards! (Or until I run out of good conversationalists.)

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