If you're working on neurotechnology for safe AI, including brain-computer interfaces or whole-brain emulation approaches, consider joining this upcoming workshop: 

2024 Neuro/BCI/WBE for Safe AI Workshop

May 21 - 22, 9 am - 5 pm
Lighthaven, Berkeley


Whole Brain Emulation (WBE) represents a promising technology for creating human-aligned software intelligence directly derived from human brains. Recently, there has been a shift to consider shorter AGI timelines more plausible, raising safety concerns. That has led some researchers to consider whether neurotechnology, in particular BCI or WBE development (or lo-fi approaches to uploading which may be more cost-effective) could be significantly sped up, producing a differential technology development re-ordering that might lessen the risk of unaligned AGI by the presence of aligned software intelligence. 

Our upcoming 2024 workshop invites leading researchers, entrepreneurs, and funders in this nascent domain to explore new opportunities, form lasting collaborations, and join us in driving cooperation toward shared long-term goals. In addition to short presentations, working groups, and project development, we offer mentorship hours, open breakouts, and speaker & sponsor gatherings.

You can find more information about the workshop, including the application form to join here: https://foresight.org/2024-foresight-neurotech-bci-and-wbe-for-safe-ai-workshop.

I hope to see many of you there!

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